One month away from Social Media

For those of you that do not know this, I was away from most social media for a month. I used the smallest amount of communication with the people I need to speak to on a daily basis.

How did it feel?
The first day was very difficult as I was tempted to go on and see what is happening with my friend’s circle. To start with, I had not logged out of the apps, I thought I would have the self-control but it was looking difficult. So I took the step to log out of it all. I turned off my mobile data/wifi as I did not need it.
I must say I did save on a lot of electricity and I only needed to charge my phone every 3 days as texts and phone calls did not use much of my phone’s battery.
My eyes felt pretty relaxed at the end of the day and my mind was fresh and more focused on things around me.

What did I do with that time?
 I was able to spend a lot more time with my loved ones and give them more of my time. I was also able to spend time with myself and invest my time in doing online courses, and building up this blog.

How does it feel?
I feel better as a person. I have learnt a lot about myself and my goals in life which I felt I did not have the time to think about.
I did feel that social media can fill your mind with unnecessary information that you don’t need. For example, when things are going well, social media is not a bad idea, you can boast about things and be happy. When you are feeling under the weather or having a tough day, social media can be one of the worst places to be. You may turn to social media as a distraction to get away from your problems. Which then doesn’t help you resolve your problems, it hides them away.

How did others feel/did they notice?
Most people in my life did not notice as harsh as it sounds.
Family members abroad did notice that I was not around as they attempted to contact me but they were unable to get through to me. They were able to get through to me on my landline where I explained what I was doing.
A couple of friends noticed/missed my presence on conversations as I was not responding or commenting.

What would I change if I was to carry out this experiment again?
If I was to do this again, I would want to stop all communication for a shorter period of time and see how I feel about it and what I learn about myself. For now, I am back on social media but I have cut down on the amount that I use it. I take everything I see on there as a pinch of salt so I am not affected by it much and I don’t let it play on my mind for the rest of the day.

Have you tried this? Would you ever try it?
Let me know your views and comments below.