Where did I go wrong?

Where did I go wrong, where did I lack that I am where I am and he is where he is. 
I loved him with all my heart, 
I was always faithful on my part.
Where did I go wrong?
I cared about him like he was my own,
I don’t know if he had ever known.
Where did I go wrong?
I put his likes and dislikes first, 
even when I was at my worst.
Where did I go wrong?
I accepted his favourites as mine, from his music to his food choices,
I should have listened to my inner voices.
Where did I go wrong?
I always felt he would help me fulfil all my dreams,
I thought we could have been one of the strongest teams.
Where did I go wrong?
To see his face for an hour, I’d tell a lie at home,
Sit in his car whilst drinking a milkshake made of honeycomb. 
Where did I go wrong?
I put his needs and his smile first, 
All I wanted was some love to relieve my thirst.
Where did I go wrong?
He told me I was the one for him,
But that was before everything turned grim.
Where did I go wrong?

Love to love you

What people love about me, I’d say there are a couple things and I am very grateful to God for giving me these qualities.

People that are close to me would be able to comment on this in more detail than me. I don’t want to sound like I am boasting about it.

The first thing is my smile when I smile, my cheeks perk up and my whole face can show how I am feeling. Depending on the reason I am smiling, for example, if its a normal smile, my cheeks will not perk up as much and my smile won’t be the fullest. If I am in a situation where I’m happy or if I have heard a funny joke then the whole face smiles and there is laughter too. It all depends on how happy I am. It is quite difficult to describe this in words, it is better to see this emotion in reality. Like if someone sends you a text message saying “LOL”, you don’t know if the sender is actually laughing or if they have sent the message. It may be a funny message but you wouldn’t know if they are “Laughing out loud”.


The next thing I have learnt to love about myself is the love and affection I have for people. It isn’t the best quality to have, as there can be/has been times when I have shown too much love towards someone and it has not been respected.
If I love someone, then I love and care about them more than anything. I put them first, even before myself as they mean so much to me. They become a part of my world. I love with all my heart an not my brain at all so my actions come from my heart. I go ahead with it if my heart feels it is right when it comes to love, I only think about the other person’s happiness and benefit. I don’t look at how it will affect me or how much it will cost me. I want to see the other person happy. That’s all I expect.
That is enough talk about me, now onto my favourite person. I struggle to talk about myself but I am comfortable with talking about other things and other people.


I’m not sure where the right place is to start talking about this person but will find somewhere.
He has been in my life for a long time but he was only there in the background so not part of my everyday life at the start. That all changed after.
A spark was there and we began to speak to each other more. We were in different countries but that didn’t affect our conversation.
We spoke about day to day things, and lots of random things too. The conversation flowed and it felt like there was always something to talk about no matter what time of day or night it was.


When I was back in the country, our conversations got even better and more consistent. We spoke to each other through the day and each evening when we had the time. We would make time for our conversations even when there was a lot going on. If there was a lot going on, we would work our time around things to make sure we had time for each other.


We then started taking the next step and meet up every so often, just as friends but there was something happening. I could sense it. We were getting to know each other on a deeper level and we found out quite a few common interests that we didn’t know about until then. We started to learn about each other’s lifestyles and families. There was so much in common, it was unbelievable.
It was a ‘Where were you all my life’ moment.


We spent lots of time together and we got to know each other inside out like we had known each other for years. After a good few months, I decided to take the risk and share my feelings. I couldn’t hide them away from any longer as we shared everything we were feeling so this should not be kept away either.
Stacked love.jpg
There are quite a few things I love about my favourite person but I won’t talk about them all as we will be there for a long time.
He may look big and bold but under that, he is a very loving and caring person. I only learnt that about him when I got to know him from deep within. Outside he always looks serious and can look quite grumpy at times too.


He is full of love and willing to go to great lengths to fill happiness in one’s life. He sure has filled my life with happiness from day one.
Another quality I love is the way he speaks his mind, as getting everything out there in the open is the best thing for everyone. No guessing games needed here. If he is feeling angry about something, he will express it, and appropriate action can resolve the problem. If an incident has upset him then it is spoken about and cleared up to allow the other things to take place in life.


He has a protective quality about him which is lovely. He is very protective of me which is a positive sign, as it shows me that he cares about me and is there looking out for me. It is a great feeling to know when you mean a lot to someone else.


He brings out the best in me. Before I met him, I was a different person. He gave me lots of confidence to follow my heart and dreams which is one of the reasons why I am here writing blog posts.


I am very lucky and happy to have found him.
Fingers Love.jpg
So, What do you love the most about yourself and what do you love the most about your favourite person?
Comment below….