Green Thumb

The concept of growing something is simple, you plant the seeds in a pot of soil, then water it each day. Keep it in sunlight and soon you will have a plant that is growing.

The time it takes for it to actually grow is where your patience is tested. There have been many times when I have planted some seeds in a pot and I have been checking the pot each day to see if something has happened or if something has grown. In most cases, something has grown within a week or so but there have been times when something has grown and I have thought that it is the seed that is growing. But after waiting a couple of weeks, I have found out that is wasn’t the seeds that had grown. It was actually some feed that had grown, usually because of the compost that I have used. There may have been some hints of a seed which have grown into the plant. That is the most horrible feeling ever as you have spent time watering and nurturing the plant thinking this you from the seed that you had planted. Sometimes the seeds do take longer to grow but by the time you have seen the weed grow you lose hope on the seed. The excitement of the seed growing is not the same after as you start to doubt the seed as you feel it could be another weed that is growing.

Once the disappointment of the weed has gone away, you will feel excited to see what the plant is actually going to look like. Especially if it’s a plant that produces flowers then that is even better. You may have a vague idea of what the flower will look like but you will want to see it with your own eyes. The flower growing is like the reward from the plant for the hard work you have done to help it to grow from the seed to a plant. Most plants look pretty normal when they are growing but when the flowers are produced that’s when you can see the true beauty of the plant. Most plants will be able to produce flowers, some more than others, but that also depends on the environment.

If you have a winter season where you are living then during the winter a lot of plants will lose their leaves and it will look like they are no longer alive but when the spring season comes round they will start to grow again through till the autumn. There are some flower plants that have bulbs so these plants due during the winter and the bulbs are removed from the winter and kept indoors. When the weather starts to improve towards spring, they are put back into the ground and they start to grow again and produce beautiful flowers. Growing a plant can take a lot of patience and the way you look after the plant is very important. The sunlight, the water and its food all need to be perfect in order for the plant to grow. If any of the plant’s basic needs are not available, it can stop the plant from growing. For example, if there is a lack of sunshine the plant will not be able to photosynthesise thus the growth will not take place. But too much of any of its needs will cause damage to the plant too, for example too much sunlight will be too hot for the plants leave and they will burn and dry up.

But if you fail the first time, it doesn’t matter as you are able to start again with new seeds and learn from the mistakes. When the seeds are first put into the pot a lot of people put a plastic bag over the pot, they pierce a few holes to the bag to allow a bit of air to go through. But this allows the soil to remain moist and warm which is the best environment for seeds to open and start growing. You will be able to see the shoot coming through from the seed itself. You need to add water to the soil every few days to ensure the soil remains moist but not too much as you don’t want the seeds to become mouldy as they will not grow as much.

If you get the start correct then you will be able to get the plant growing well. The start is where you need to take the most care after when the plant has started to grow you need to water the plant and give some food to provide the nutrients to help the growth. It gets easier as the plant grows more and more.

Go on give it a go, go and plant a few seeds and see your plant grow.


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