I Miss You

I remember the day you said you couldn’t do this anymore as it was the same cycle going round and round for the past 3 years. Everyday we argue and it’s like that’s all we ever do anymore. 

I stood there on the cold, dark winters evening outside the house. Different cars were driving by. I looked at each one with tear-filled eyes, hoping one of them would be yours. The clouds started to break and rain drops started falling down on me. I frantically started searching for an umbrella in my black handbag. I’d left it at home in a hurry.  The rain started to get heavier, it staled through my hair and began to drip down my face. I looked at the time, hoping you could turn up any second.

I wanted to leave but something told me to stay, something inside me said “Stay a little longer, he will be here soon”. Just a few minutes, I waited this long, a little longer won’t hurt.  Droplets formed on my glasses, my vision was blurred. I took my glasses off to wipe them clean. With my not so perfect vision, i looked up and saw an average tall shape walking towards me. He must have been looking at me too. I tried to squint and see a face but it was pointless. My vision was not able to see the face clearly. 

My heart started to beat faster as he got close to me. He walked straight past me without even noticing me. It wasn’t him. Hours passed, the rain had come and gone. It was getting into the night now. 

I continued to wait, I missed him but I guess he didn’t.


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