What do I see

When I look at you I see love,  
I see my future, 
I see the rest of my life.

When I look at you and I'm feeling down, 
you bring me up again.
When I think of you, 
I think about you, 
I think about our memories together.

when I think of you. 
I think about how much I love you
and how much I will keep loving you. 

In your arms is where I want to be,
I can't seem to feel too close to you lately.

Do you want to me go or do you want me to stay? 
What am I to do? 
You've got me torn between the two.

I miss your touch, 
I miss your kisses and your hugs, 
I miss the smell of your skin. 
Basically I just miss you so so much.