Eco-Friendly – Going Green

Eco-friendly only works or even exists if everyone participates in it. If one person does and the rest of the people don’t then it even counts as anything. One person doing it is not going to make a difference as they can’t count for all the people. It sort of makes it pointless for one person to be doing his bit. Everyone needs to do their bit and help be Eco-friendly.

Now that retailers and other companies are doing their bit, if all the members of the public start doing it too then there will be some difference. Not saying it will make everything alright but it will make some difference.  My family and I have been recycling for a while and other members in my area have been doing the same. It makes it so much easier to recycle these days as a lot of food packaging is now recyclable.

I remember about 5 years back the materials that you could add to your recycling box were limited. So there was still so much waste that had to be thrown away in the bins. Now our waste bins are not even half full each week and we usually have 2 to 3 recycling bags waiting outside for collection. It’s good. Especially where I am, we can put it all into orange bags that are provided to us and leave it outside our houses each week and then they are collected for us. We don’t have to take the bags anywhere or even make time to take it anywhere. If it’s all at your doorstep, it is so much easier to do.

More and more people are joining this and it is good for everyone and helps to look after the future for the next generation. Another way I am Eco-friendly is that I prefer walking to places and taking the bus. I have my own car, but I enjoy taking the bus. It is much cheaper to get onto, you don’t have to worry about parking at your destination. Especially as a lot of areas have bus lanes so buses can go through and avoid all the traffic whereas drivers have no choice but to sit there and wait.

Going into town can cost £4 return but if I was to take my car, I would be paying for my fuel and I would be paying for parking, which starts from around £1.50 per hour. If I was to spend at least 3 hours there, then I would be spending £6 there already which more than my bus fare. When I go to the shops in my local area, I prefer to walk as it gets me out of the house and I don’t have to worry about parking and spend time looking for space. The parking in my local area is free but limited as people have their own private driveways. Even when it’s raining, I am happy to pick up an umbrella, wear suitable clothes and walk to the shops or wherever I need to be.

When it snows, I do not even attempt to drive. I walk as I am more comfortable walking than getting behind the wheel of a vehicle which may skid and it will be very difficult to control. if everyone does their bit to become green it will do the world a lot of good. But we all need some help with it. Like the buses can run more to allow people to trust them more for their daily routes. I have seen the bus services being cut down in many areas because the number of people travelling has dropped as most people are taking their cars. Whole routes have been cancelled and no longer in use due to this. But if services gain the trust of people then this can change and more people will use public transport to get to different places.

There are cities that are very eco-friendly because the services have been made available to them and they are using the service. With recycling, the more recycling we do and the less waste there is the better as I recently heard that landfills are getting full from waste. So the more that can be recycled the better. I know there will always be the waste, but the amount of waste can be limited if we decide to put it into the recycling bag instead of the refuse collection bag. It is a simple change but if everyone follows it then it will be of the norm.

The change won’t be instant and you won’t be able to see things change for you next week but in the long run, it will make a difference. All you have to do is look at the packaging and on the back, there will be a symbol or a bit of text telling you if this can be recycled. Do this for your children and your grandchildren who will be the ones who will be around. Plan to give them a better life, a healthier life and a good future.


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